SportsChasers is an opinion-driven sports site run by two longtime friends who offer you a shot of perspective after the game, tackling the sports topics and issues of the day from different angles. Michael Day offers the rabid fan’s view — we’ll let you try to figure out who he’s a fan of — while Mike Herndon brings the perspective of a longtime sportswriter who, to the bewilderment of the hardcore fan, is rooting only for the game to end before deadline.

While they may agree on some issues, they’ll try to cut each other off at the knees on others. That competitiveness has followed them from their days as high school football teammates on a squad that won exactly one game and wore gold-on-gold unis that made them look like ripe bananas.

Who’s right? Who couldn’t be more wrong? You tell them. Then follow your shot and follow Day and Herndon on Twitter at @mDay1170 and @TheMikeHerndon.

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