College football week 12 predictions


Last week did not go as planned. Not only did my college football predictions for week 11 go awry, but I lost my fantasy football match because of my inability to actually hit the submit button to make a lineup change; as a result, my quarterback, who was on a bye week, did not get replaced, giving me a score of 0 for the all-important quarterback slot.

How bad were my picks from last week?

Well, let’s just say the computer random number generator dominated the matchup. Auburn somehow couldn’t move the ball against Georgia and lost. Washington couldn’t handle the prosperity of the number four position in the playoff ranking as they fell to USC at home. Then, in a moment of reckless abandon, I picked the Vanderbilt Commodores to win on the road, and they lost, (of course they did). Here are the cold hard facts. The computer generated a nice, 4-2 record, while I put up a less than acceptable 2-4 mark. The computer is now leading the overall scorecard, 19-18-5 (W-L-Push) versus 18-19-5 (W-L-Push). Yeah, it’s time to get serious, but I have to admit that this week’s slate of games is not an inspiring sight. The show must go on, though.

Before moving on to college football week 12, and even though it should be painfully obvious at this point, I feel the need to explicitly put out the following disclaimer: please do not use these predictions to make any real life gambling bets. Seriously, I would hate to know that anyone out there lost money by using these predictions. These predictions are meant for entertainment purposes – in other words, you are supposed to sit back and laugh at them as I struggle to beat the computer’s random number generator. Okay – now that your friendly public service announcement is out-of-the-way, it’s time to put on the prognosticator hat.

Arkansas at Mississippi State (-2)

Arkansas has looked bad at times during this season, but they should have enough in the tank to motor past Mississippi State.

Winner: Arkansas (+2)

Computer prediction: Mississippi State

Oklahoma (-2.5) at West Virginia

West Virginia took care of business against Texas last week. They have a tough opponent this week as they take on the Oklahoma Sooners. The Sooners are back in the top 10, and some people feel that they have an outside chance at making the playoffs. I trust the Sooners a little bit more than West Virginia.

Winner: Oklahoma (-2.5)

Computer prediction: West Virginia

Oklahoma State at TCU (-4.5)

TCU quarterback Kenny Hill is up and down. KaVontae Turpin is back for TCU. Oklahoma State can win the Big 12 with two more wins. (Wow, I thought Oklahoma would win the Big 12 easily.) This game will feature lots of scoring. TCU may win, but I don’t like them at -4.5.

Winner: Oklahoma State +4.5

Computer prediction: Oklahoma State

Florida at LSU (-13.5)

LSU will eventually wear down Florida’s defense and cover the points.

Winner: LSU

Computer prediction: LSU

Virginia Tech at Notre Dame (-1)

Why is Notre Dame favored? I’m looking forward to Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly blaming someone or something else for the upcoming L.

Winner: Virginia Tech +1

Computer prediction: Virginia Tech

USC (-12) at UCLA

The Trojans are hot – they controlled the game against Washington last week, and they shouldn’t have any trouble beating the Bruins. It’s too bad Bruins quarterback Josh Rosen is injured.

Winner: USC -12

Computer prediction: UCLA

Well, that’s Week 12’s “Six Pack” of games, everyone. I hope you enjoy the games.

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