Sam Hinkie is a genius


Sam Hinkie apologists are having their fun these days, just check out the hashtag #RTArmageddon, due to the undeniable fact(s) that their prophet made all of the necessary moves to lay the foundation for obtaining tonight’s number one pick in the NBA draft. Congratulations, because make no mistake about it, getting the number one pick takes laser focus determination (e.g. never stray from The Process) and some good fortune (may the odds forever be in your favor). Let’s list some of the basic steps taken to implement the Process.

Obviously, to get in the draft lottery, a team must not make the playoffs.

  • The 76ers haven’t made the playoffs since 2011-12.

Losing or barely missing the playoffs isn’t good enough, though, a team must out-lose the others to ensure the best chance to get the coveted number one pick.

  • The 76ers’ winning percentages for 2013-14, 14-15, 15-16, and 16-17 are .232, .220, .122, and .341. Hey, .341 is not bad for a batting average in MLB.

Accumulate more assets by trading anyone on the team who is “only” half-decent at basketball for future draft picks.  Not only does this method keep the L’s rolling, but it also allows for cheaper rosters.  Congratulations, fans!  Not only do you get to watch a terrible product, but your already rich owner gets even richer.  This is the foundation of the process, because it’s not clear when or how Hinkie would have realized that a player was worth keeping, but hey, it was definitely effective for getting the number one pick, which is everything.

To get the fans to buy in on some epic levels of losing, one must sell the idea that obtaining the number one pick is the only path to a championship, because there is little else to look forward to while the L’s pile up.  It also helps to point out and scoff at other teams’ playoff exits, because, that’s not winning championships, either.  (Never mind that even early round playoff exits are far superior to winning percentages that resemble baseball batting averages.)

Check out twitter’s #RTArmageddon or this comment from an article on the Ringer for proof that Hinkie was able to accomplish this:

“The alternative to ‘the process’ is to try to make all the moves necessary to make the playoffs. You end up right around .500 and then get mopped off the floor by whoever Lebron is playing for.”

“Watching the Sixers lose more games while hoping 2 of your 4 top 4 picks turn into a potential franchise player is way more exciting to me. You get to watch a young core of guys improve and at such a young age may click when Lebron is finally 40.”

The genius of Sam Hinkie.

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