2017 Week 7 College Football “Six Pack” Predictions


Just when I thought I was over my fear of picking teams to cover large point spreads, Auburn allows too many fourth quarter points last week to cover the spread, which (of course) pasted another L on my record since I thought Auburn was a lock. Ah well, at least I didn’t buy into the Alabama machine last week. My record was 3-4 for the week and if my math is on the money, which unfortunately it is, gives me a 14-19 mark for the year. Not good numbers. On the other side of the spectrum, Dad is putting up a pretty good fight to keep the machine from running away with the contest this year: 4-3 for the week and 14-13 overall. The computer went 4-3 for the week and 20-13 is its combined total. The random number generator is winning. Can we turn things around, or maybe it’s just me who needs to turn things around?

Either way, week 7 is here. Prognosticator hat on.

Auburn (-6.5) at LSU

Congratulations to LSU for beating Florida, but Auburn is a much better team than Florida. LSU will find out that scoring touchdowns against this Auburn defense will not come easy. As long as Auburn avoids turning the ball over, they win easy. (I won’t even hold last week against you, AU.)

Winner: Auburn

Dad’s prediction: Auburn

Computer prediction: Auburn

Michigan State (-4) at Minnesota

I can’t believe I didn’t pick Michigan State last week; especially, since they are one of my favorite college teams to watch due to their solid, steady play. Love the Spartans, and I am not going to make the same mistake this week.

Winner: Michigan State

Dad’s prediction: Michigan State

Computer prediction: Minnesota

Texas A&M at Florida (-3)

Let down alert raised for A&M after a good showing against Alabama, and conventional wisdom leads me to believe that Florida will play a little better than last week, but it won’t be enough. The Aggies have enough weapons to outscore a depleted Florida offense.

Winner: Texas A&M (+3)

Dad’s prediction: Florida

Computer prediction: Texas A&M

South Carolina at Tennessee (-2.5)

I tried my best to find another game, but somehow the Vols pulled me back in, just like the Death Star tractor beam. Ugh, anyway, this is a tough one. The Vols aren’t good, and I still don’t trust Muschamp on the road. I’ll go with… South Carolina.

Winner: South Carolina (+2.5)

Dad’s prediction: South Carolina

Computer prediction: TN

Vanderbilt at Ole Miss (-3)

I have no confidence in either of these two teams. I’ll go with Vanderbilt, though.

Winner: Vanderbilt (+3)

Dad’s prediction: Vanderbilt

Computer prediction: Vanderbilt

Oklahoma (-7.5) at Texas (Dallas)

Which Oklahoma teams shows up for this game? Is it the team where Baker Mayfield struggles to find open receivers or the team that beat Ohio State? Texas won’t go down quietly, and they are a tempting pick at -7.5. Texas played USC well at USC. I think Texas keeps this game close.

Winner: Texas (+7.5)

Dad’s prediction: Oklahoma

Computer prediction: Texas

Plus One

TCU (-4.5) at Kansas State

TCU is on a roll this year.

Winner: TCU

Dad’s prediction: TCU

Computer prediction: TCU

Enjoy the games!




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