Bills Take Over as AFC’s Best Team

Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills rolled into Arrowhead and bullied the defending AFC Champs 38-20. After the game, we got the same old comments from the Bills about how this was just another game, it didn’t mean anything other than it was good to get the win, and all the other cliché coach/team speak.

But we know what this win means – the Buffalo Bills announced their arrival as the favorite to punch their ticket to the Super Bowl. No more anonymous wins for the Bills the rest of this season.

See, even though the Bills rebounded from the week one Pittsburgh loss by beating the Miami Dolphins, Washington Football Team, and Houston Texans, none of those wins garnered much respect. Shame on us for not realizing that sometimes, it’s not the strength of schedule that matters, but the margin of victory: Bills vs Miami 35-0, Bills vs WFT 43-21, and Bills vs Texans 40-0. Congratulations to the WFT for only losing by 22 points. Yep, that’s taking care of business.

Meanwhile, the defending AFC Champs have struggled to collect wins, relying on Patrick Mahomes to impersonate Superman and save the day. And as the story goes, Superman has his kryptonite, the Chiefs’ defense. This unit has given up the most points per game out of any team in the league at 32.6.

The apologists for the Chiefs’ defense will blame injuries for the lack of stinginess. Sure, a healthy Chris Jones would help. After all, the defense doesn’t have to carry the load. That task is reserved for Mahomes and the offense.

Mahomes and the offense aren’t enough to beat this year’s Bills team. Nope.

The Bills have put a submission hold on offenses this year. The Chiefs were no different – they tapped out with two interceptions and 20 points. Ask Travis Kelce how fun it was to play against the Bills this past week. There’s a reason why Tyreek Hill wasn’t as sure-handed as usual, and it wasn’t all because of the weather conditions.

By the way, the Bills’ offense had no trouble scoring points. When Josh Allen got tired of running through the Chiefs’ defense, he unleashed the arm that makes all the tough NFL throws look easy.

Next up for the Bills is to clinch home-field advantage for the playoffs and force visiting teams to play in front of the Bills Mafia.

Not sure any team in the AFC is ready for that.

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