The Real Reason People Hate Mac Jones

The ability to absorb criticism is one skill everyone should learn. Do whatever it takes to blunt weaponized words formed to maim and kill a person’s psyche. A safe bet is that New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones already possesses this skill. Hopefully, he has it in spades — haters will always hate.

Before even throwing a pass in the NFL, NFL draft experts declared that Jones’ ceiling was low compared to fellow undrafted quarterbacks Trey Lance, Justin Fields, Trevor Lawrence, and Zach Wilson.

Months later, Rex Ryan discredited Jones’ arm strength by calling Jones a “peashooter,” reaffirming the “low ceiling” label despite Jones winning a few NFL games.

And now there’s the fallout from the play where Mac Jones supposedly assassinated Brian Burns’ ankle with a leg sweep that would have made Cobra Kai Sensei John Kreese proud.

Burns’ response, “I wish all my fellow D-end brothers happy hunting. That’s all.”

Yeah, as if his D-end brothers or anyone else on the defense weren’t already trying to end opposing quarterbacks’ lives.

Why are all this outrage and negative speak directed at Mac Jones, a rookie quarterback doing his best to win games and improve his play?

Is it because he played at the University of Alabama, a team fans outside the state of Alabama hope never makes another appearance in the college football playoff?

Or could it be that his NFL team is every bit the “Death Star” organization as his college team, and no one wants to witness any form of the “Empire Striking Back”?

All the above are plausible reasons. But the real reason has nothing to do with past or present “sins” committed by the teams Mac Jones played or currently plays on.

Nah, it’s the dad bod. How dare Mac Jones play quarterback in today’s NFL with that dad bod?


Imagine the thoughts that circulate through a defensive lineman’s mind (or almost any other NFL player who lifts weights as if his life depends on it) when Mac Jones enters the locker room.

“Damn, that’s my QB1? Is this real?”

Mac Jones’ dad bod scared the 49ers out of three draft picks to move up and select Trey Lance, a dude with limited experience at the quarterback position with serious questions about his throwing accuracy. Uhm, throwing accurate passes is sort of important for a quarterback. But yeah – that tremendous upside of running fast, though.

(Brian Burns still can’t believe Mac Jones’ dad bod had the strength to twist his ankle and sweep his leg for the takedown.)

Mac Jones – the Dad Bod Assassin.

Would it surprise you to learn that at the NFL combine, Mac Jones ran the 40-yard dash as fast as Patrick Mahomes?

People seem to have forgotten that generations of dad bods played quarterback before the renaissance of today’s NFL era.

Go ahead and shame Mac Jones for his dad bod in the form of “low ceiling” comments. Just know that the Dad Bod Assassin is looking to “sweep the leg” of your favorite team. Ask Brian Burns how that feels.

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