College football week 7 predictions


“At the end of the day, you either have the heart or you don’t; you either have the will or you don’t” – Dabo Swinney

Fortunately for us, college football teams have the opportunity to prove they have the heart and will this week. Yes, bring on week 7, but before making the predictions, let’s recap the previous week’s results.

Remember when I said that I wasn’t confident with last week’s slate of games? Well, the results confirmed my overall impression as the computer evened up my win tally by successfully forecasting the Washington State win over Stanford and Alabama’s ability to cover the point spread against Arkansas. We both finished last week at the .500 mark, 3 up and 3 down. So much for my domination over the random number generator. Anyway, it’s time to dust off the old prognosticator hat and get to the predictions.

Mississippi St. at BYU (-7)

Anyone believe in the Mississippi State Bulldogs? Me, either.

Winner: BYU

Computer prediction: Mississippi State

UNC at Miami (FL) (-7)

Quick confession: my eyes haven’t witnessed many plays from either of these two teams’ games; therefore, this pick relies more on the home field advantage and Mark Richt, a coach who has a pretty decent record.

Winner: Miami

Computer prediction: Miami

Nebraska (-5) at Indiana

Nebraska looks like a solid team. Plus, they haven’t let me down this year. No offense Indiana…

Winner: Nebraska

Computer prediction: Indiana

Alabama (-13) at Tennessee

Sure, Alabama is number one and they looked impressive last week demolishing Arkansas; however, to say Tennessee players and coaches have “circled” this game, would qualify as one of the biggest understatements of this year. The Vols desperately need this win. This line is too high, and the Vols may win this game outright.

Winner: Vols

Computer prediction: Alabama

Ole Miss (-8) at Arkansas

Anyone have any idea which Ole Miss team will play this week? Is it the team that scores a ton of points and gets after the opposing team’s quarterback, or the team that loses leads as their defense gives up points like an addicted gambler feeding the casino all of his/her money? Despite getting pummeled last week by the Alabama defense, Arkansas quarterback Austin Allen managed to exploit a few openings in the Alabama defense via accurate throws, since it was clear that the Razorbacks would not get many yards on the ground. Ole Miss has a few more offensive weapons than Arkansas.

Winner: Ole Miss

Computer prediction: Arkansas

Ohio State (-10.5) at Wisconsin

Wisconsin is a good team, but they will have a tough time scoring against the Buckeyes. The Buckeyes, on the other hand, will eventually find ways to score. This game should feature lots of hits and is not for people who dislike defense. The Buckeyes won’t cover the 10.5 points, though, but they should win by a touchdown.

Winner: Wisconsin

Computer prediction: Ohio State

Well, there’s the college football prediction “six pack”. Enjoy the games this week, everyone!

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