College football week 9 predictions


College football week 9 rolls into town offering another tough road test for a top four team. Will Clemson avoid the upset, or will the top four ranking see another shuffling. Either way, the week will deliver another round of “every games counts” drama. Yep, as it has since the first kickoff, every game has indeed counted; otherwise, why even play? (I’ve never really understood why that line took off…) Before donning the prognosticator hat, let’s review the previous week’s results.

Last week wasn’t terrible. My record was 3-2-1 (W-L-Push); however, I have to report that I lost to the computer’s random number generator for the second week in a row. The difference was the Alabama game as the Tide covered the 16.5 point spread, so if you’re keeping score at home, last week the computer put together a nice 4-1-1 (W-L-Push) record versus my 3-2-1. Anyway, it’s time to get serious now and deal the computer an “L” this week.

Nebraska at Wisconsin (-9)

Wisconsin is one of my favorite teams this year. I love their defense and commitment to the running game. Now, maybe their commitment to the running game is based on inconsistent quarterback play, but nevertheless, it is fun to watch a team run the old ground and pound offense. This week they play a pretty good Nebraska team, a team that hasn’t really received much credit for their undefeated record. Look for Nebraska quarterback Tommy Armstrong to make the difference in this game.

Winner: Nebraska

Computer prediction: Nebraska

Clemson (-4) at Florida State

Florida State has a chance to redeem its season with a win over Clemson. Of course, the Clemson Tigers have other plans, namely keeping their title chances alive. Which Clemson team will show up? Will the team that required an answered prayer, a missed chip-shot field goal, take the field against Florida State? Perhaps, the team that outlasted Louisville will make the trip to Tallahassee, FL? Florida State still has weapons on offense to give Clemson something to worry about, but in the end, too much DeShaun Watson will doom the Seminoles.

Winner: Clemson

Computer prediction: Clemson

Auburn (-3) at Ole Miss

This game has a chance to stay competitive since it’s played at Ole Miss; otherwise, Auburn would win this one in a rout. Ole Miss can score points, but those points will come at a high price for Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly as Auburn’s defensive line can really rush the passer. Auburn should run the ball well enough to win this game.

Winner: Auburn

Computer prediction: Ole Miss

Tennessee (-13) at South Carolina

The Vols have a ton of injuries, their pride is suffering a bit after the Alabama game, and as if a movie script writer was called in to make things right for them, they get to play South Carolina, a team that can’t score points. Tennessee all the way. (There were other coaches on the market, South Carolina.)

Winner: Vols

Computer prediction: Vols

Georgia vs. Florida (-7.5) at EverBank Field in Jacksonville

I wish I could bring sound, football logic to the table instead of, “I just don’t believe in this Georgia team.” Ah well, that’s pretty much the reason why I’m picking the Gators. It’s not like the Gators are that good, but they’re better than Georgia.

Winner: Florida

Computer prediction: Georgia

Baylor (-3) at Texas

Let’s see, a Texas team that struggles to make defensive stops against Baylor, a team known for their offense, and the line is only three points. What’s going on here? Despite my gut telling me Vegas knows something, I’m going with Baylor, the obvious choice.

Winner: Baylor

Computer prediction: Texas

That’s the “six pack” of games this week. Enjoy the games.

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