College football week 14 predictions

College style football on a tee at night ready for kickoff

College football week 14

All good things come to an end, and as college football week number 14 approaches, another great college football season’s last few chapters are all that’s left. Sure, witnessing a team crowned champion is the end goal, but let’s slow the process down a bit and look back at last week’s results.

My predictions were solid, yielding a 4-2 (W-L) record and while that is a pretty good result, it was not enough to best the computer as it produced the same numbers. Yep, just when I thought I would pull away from the machine, it reeled me back in. My record picking against the computer is 27-22-5 (W-L-Push), which slightly edges out the computer’s 26-23-5 mark.

What went wrong?

Auburn didn’t have their normal “play against Alabama as if life depended on the game’s outcome” type of game. Actually, the Auburn prediction was based on the premise that both Sean White and Kamryn Pettway would play, giving the Auburn offense a chance to move the ball against Alabama; and as result, allow Auburn to stay within a two touchdown margin. Apparently, that was too much to ask, though. Sean White didn’t play, Kameryn Pettway wasn’t his normal, battering-ram self; therefore, the Auburn offense was a train wreck against Alabama.

Side note: I was so sure that Auburn would keep this game close that I tried to talk my Dad into betting real money on this game. Thankfully, we didn’t actually bet real money. We may or may not have placed a fake bet, though, when the line was Auburn +18 at -115. Good thing fake bets don’t require real money.

Ohio State didn’t cover the -6.5 points. In fact, depending on team allegiance, one could say that Ohio State was the beneficiary of a few referee decisions that helped pave their way to victory. Of course, the counter to that argument is that Michigan turned the ball over too many times, with one of those turnovers resulting in six points for Ohio State – the good old “pick six”. My take is that I always find it dubious when one team gets whistled for seven penalties versus the other team’s one; especially, if both teams are equally talented.

Another side note: When Michigan led Ohio State 17-7 in the third quarter, the line shifted to Ohio State +2.5 at +105, and I placed a fake bet at this point. If Ohio State was a decent bet at -6.5, why would they not be at +2.5? (My Dad wanted no part in this fake bet. It’s too bad, too, because this bet actually won.)

Anyway, those were the two games I lost last week, and with a twinge of sadness since the season is winding down, it’s time to bring on college football week 14 as I put on the prognosticator hat.

Colorado at Washington (-7)

Unfortunately, I have no real feel for this game. I trust Washington more, so I’ll go with Washington. Of course, people who like anarchy and oppose the college football playoff system are probably rooting for a Colorado victory.

Winner: Washington (-7)

Computer prediction: Colorado

Penn St. at Wisconsin (-3)

Raise your hand if you thought Penn State would make it to the Big 10 conference title game this year? It’s time to admit that Penn State’s victory over Ohio State was not a fluke, and that they are a good team. However, they are playing Wisconsin, another solid, Big 10 team that plays tenacious defense. The Badgers’ defense will provide enough stops for the Badgers to claim victory.

Winner: Wisconsin (-3)

Computer prediction: Penn State

Oklahoma St. at Oklahoma (-12.5)

Oklahoma is making a late surge to present itself as a potential playoff team. I like Oklahoma to win the game, but I don’t think they cover the point spread. Oklahoma State has enough offense to stay with the Sooners.

Winner: Oklahoma State (+12.5)

Computer prediction: Oklahoma State

Virginia Tech at Clemson (-10)

Too much offensive firepower from Clemson. Clemson should run away with this one.

Winner: Clemson (-10)

Computer prediction: Virginia Tech

Florida at Alabama (-24)

Alabama plays one really good half and wins this game by 20, with score in the neighborhood of 34-14.

Winner: Florida (+24)

Computer prediction: Florida

Well, that’s all everyone – enjoy college football week 14.

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