2016-17 College football’s regular season predictions recap

A college football at the goal line on a grass field

The final whistle for the last game of week 14 not only signaled the end of a college football week’s scheduled games, but it also sounded out the last note of my college football regular season predictions. No disrespect to Army and Navy, but with the college football playoff teams selected, the regular season is over. It didn’t seem that long ago that I was scrambling to put together the first set of predictions, all of them went horribly wrong by the way, and now the regular season is over. Time moves incredibly fast these days. Anyway, it’s time to recap this year’s college football regular season predictions.

Per week one’s post, my conference champions were LSU, Clemson, Michigan, Oklahoma, and UCLA. (Yeah, I actually picked UCLA to win the Pac-12. )

The playoff final four: Clemson, LSU, Oklahoma, and Michigan. Yep, one out of four isn’t very good, and Oklahoma was my pick to win the championship, which of course can’t happen.

Last week’s results ended on a sour note, a super sour note, like a Heinz Genuine Dill pickle as I went 1-4 (W-L). The machine’s random number generator was able to muster one more win, which means that by going 2-3, the machine was able to even-up the overall scoreboard. We both finished 28-26-5 (W-L-Push).

Oddly enough, last week started off well with Washington trouncing Colorado. Oklahoma State was in great position when the first half ended.  My outlook…


Of course, Oklahoma turned on the jets in the second half and blew past Oklahoma State, easily covering the point spread. By the time Clemson lost their multiple score lead and Wisconsin’s fourth down conversion attempt failed, Alabama had already covered, pushing angry storm clouds all over my early, sun-filled horizon.


And…speaking of storm clouds, now is the time to also admit that my overall record starting from week one ended at 37-39-5 (W-L-Push), which is sub par.

Ah, but predicting games is all about the process, right? Hopefully, I’ll do better next year, and I also hope that you will stick around to see the improvement or at least draw value from knowing what not to do.

See ya next year and enjoy the playoffs, everyone!

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