2017 College Football Week 3 “Six Pack” Predictions


Like some of the teams’ performances from last week, my predictions were sub par. While my computer opponent managed to break even with a 3-3 mark, I stumbled out of the gate with a 2-4 record. Not a good way to start the season. This got me thinking about trash-talking scenarios. Would the computer say something like, “You know, you really only have two choices when picking games, just like how I store information – 0 or 1. Guess which number you and your picks represent? Zero. Bahahaah – insert the cheesy 80’s electronic voice here. Man, what a nightmare. Yeah, it’s time to get even.

Speaking of getting even, the Oklahoma Sooners avenged last year’s defeat from Ohio State with a strong performance from Baker Mayfield as he completely outplayed J.T. Barrett. Barrett routinely missed open receivers, and the Buckeyes’ offense couldn’t match the Sooners’ point total. We all understand that football is a team sport, but the quarterback position holds so many variables for a team’s success. Barrett has to play better. Apparently, I am not the only who feels this way. Check out this link as the writer of this article calls for Barrett to get benched. Congratulations, Oklahoma. Oh, another thing, Mayfield wasn’t just satisfied with winning the game. He decided to throw a little salt in the wound by planting the OU flag on the Ohio State logo. Of course, he then apologized later saying he didn’t mean any disrespect. Sure, we all know what’s what when players plant the flag on the vanquished team’s logo, right? I relayed the story to my wife, and she responded that she didn’t recognize Baker Mayfield’s name. He did play her team (Auburn) in a bowl game last year,so I was a little surprised at that. Anyway, I asked her how she would have reacted if Mayfield planted the OU flag on her beloved AU logo. She responded, “Ooh, I would know his name then.” You know what you did, Baker – don’t backtrack. (Full disclosure: I am all for slapping down Urban Meyer’s ego a bit.)

Okay, time to get on with this week’s predictions and reveal that a guest prognosticator, who believes he will destroy all competition, will join in the fun and grace us all with his knowledge of football (or lack thereof). Who is the guest prognosticator? Well, it’s my Dad (of course), another long time sports fan ready for the challenge of picking games against the spread.

Here we go.

Kansas State (-4) at Vanderbilt

As long as Bill Snyder is coaching Kansas State, I like their chances against a team like Vanderbilt. Sure, Vandy is improving, but they are not an SEC power team. Snyder will have Kansas State ready to play and make all the right adjustments for the win.

Winner: Kansas State (-4)

Computer Prediction: Kansas State

Dad’s Prediction: Vanderbilt (+4)

Texas at USC (-17)

USC looked good beating Stanford while Maryland pushed Texas around last week. This line reflects a slight overreaction to USC’s win over Stanford. How good is Stanford? USC has real talent and Sam Darnold, so yeah, they’ll win the game, but they are giving up 17 points to a team that will play inspired football this next week. Texas should keep this game close, or at least closer than 17 points.

Winner: Texas (+17)

Computer Prediction: Texas

Dad’s Prediction: USC (-17)

LSU (-6.5) at Mississippi State

LSU better win this game – they have the more talented roster.

Winner: LSU (-6.5)

Computer Prediction: LSU

Dad’s Prediction: LSU (-6.5)

UCLA (-3.5) at Memphis

Josh Rosen should be the difference maker here, right? Yep.

Winner: UCLA (-3.5)

Computer Prediction: Memphis

Dad’s Prediction: UCLA (-3.5)

Tennessee at Florida (-5.5)

In their previous game, Tennessee struggled to stop Georgia Tech’s offense, an offense built to dominate in the 1970’s, but that shouldn’t matter this week as Florida can’t muster any offense, no matter the style or era it was designed to thrive in. Maybe Florida just had a bad game against Michigan. Maybe they can actually score points on offense without relying on the defense to not only stop opponents, but score points as well. Maybe we shouldn’t get too wrapped up in scoreboard watching as that might become as frustrating as always queueing up in the slowest cashier checkout lane. How about we instead take note of Tennessee’s sideline antics (e.g. the dunking of a football by the defensive player who forced a turnover) and every three and out by the Florida offense. Imagine the liquor required to supply a drinking game involving the above items; especially, the Florida three and outs? (Disclaimer: I do not condone this – not only would such a game hurt someone’s wallet, but the consumption would get out of hand. Stay safe, everyone.) I’ll reluctantly go with Tennessee.

Winner: Tennessee (+5.5)

Computer Prediction: Florida

Dad’s Prediction: Florida (-5.5)

Clemson (-3) at Louisville

Ah, the game of the week, Clemson vs Louisville. Can Clemson’s “reloaded” roster continue their winning ways against Louisville? Can their defense handle Louisville’s Lamar Jackson, the returning Heisman Trophy winner who strangely enough, doesn’t get the respect of someone who won the award for the best college football player last year. Forget the award, do you know who Lamar Jackson reminds me of? Spider-Man. Yes, a superhero. Unfortunately for Louisville, even superheroes struggle at times, and I think that Clemson is just a better overall team.

Winner: Clemson (-3)

Computer Prediction: Clemson

Dad’s Prediction: Clemson (-3)

Enjoy the games!


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