2017 College Football Week 4 “Six Pack” Predictions


Before diving into this week’s “Six Pack” predictions, let’s recap a few lessons learned from last week.

  • From a prognosticator perspective, run as far away as possible from any game involving Butch Jones’ Tennessee Volunteers. Who knows what this team is capable of? They can ruin the easiest game scenarios on both sides of the spectrum, either by losing on the last play of the game like last week, or find the fortuitous turnover bounce like they did against Georgia Tech, allowing them to eventually come out on top in overtime. The fog of uncertainty surrounds this team. Let someone else try to find the light on the other side of prediction glory when the Vols are involved.
  • Clemson did indeed reload – lookout for them come playoff time.
  • Dan Mullen is greater than Ed Orgeron. (I’m sure Coach O is a great guy, etc.)
  • Add UCLA to the “stay away” list.

The computer once again bested the humans with a 4-2 mark, putting the computer’s overall record at 7-5. My Dad, who will continue to predict games this year, managed to go .500, 3-3, while I slumped to 2-4 (again), sliding my overall record down to 4-8. Hey, at least, I can provide value by showing you what not to do.

Okay – enough of the sad song. It’s time to turn things around.

Texas A&M(-2.5) at Arkansas

Will Kevin Sumlin return as head coach next year? Bret Bielema probably would have a better career on TV as an analyst. Anyway, yeah, I get it – I have to pick a team. Coin flip game for me.

Winner: Arkansas (+2.5)

Dad’s prediction: Arkansas (+2.5)

Computer’s prediction: Texas A&M (-2.5)

Alabama (-18.5) at Vanderbilt

History tells me that Vanderbilt plays Alabama tougher than people expect. Alabama’s offense, while talented, isn’t exactly performing at an optimal level right now. They could get things going this week, but I think that Vanderbilt will counter, score some points against a more mortal Alabama defensive front and keep this game from getting out of hand. Add in that Vanderbilt is coming off a nice victory against Kansas State, so they should take the field this Saturday with some confidence. (I saw the signs that you want ‘Bama, Vandy – you’ll get Alabama this week. What are you gonna do? ) I’ll take Vanderbilt with the points.

Winner: Vanderbilt (+18.5)

Dad’s prediction: Vanderbilt (+18.5)

Computer’s prediction: Alabama (-18.5)

Miss State at Georgia (-5)

I’m riding with Dan Mullen and the Mississippi State Bulldogs. Yes, it’s true that Georgia has a ton of five-star players, but couldn’t the same thing be said about LSU’s roster? Did all of that talent help LSU? Georgia will have more success against the Bulldogs than LSU’s showing last week; however, this game will come down to a field goal as some real hittin’ will be goin’ on here.

Winner: Miss State (+5)

Dad’s prediction: Miss State (+5)

Computer prediction: Miss State (+5)

Florida (-3) at Kentucky

Florida’s defense is the real deal. As the cliché says, “Defense travels” and the defense will make the plays that swing the game.

Winner: Florida (-3)

Dad’s prediction: Florida (-3)

Computer’s prediction: Florida (-3)

Notre Dame (-4) at Michigan State

While I would like nothing better for Notre Dame to lose this game, causing Brian Kelly to find something else to blame for his team’s defeat, I believe that they will actually beat Michigan State. (Come on, Michigan State – I’ll gladly sacrifice this one.)

Winner: Notre Dame (-4)

Dad’s prediction: Michigan State (+4)

Computer’s prediction: Notre Dame (-4)

UCLA at Stanford (-7.5)

Yep, I am staying away from UCLA. I like Josh Rosen, but he will give Stanford’s secondary some prime time interception opportunities.

Winner: Stanford (-7.5)

Dad’s prediction: Stanford (-7.5)

Computer’s prediction: UCLA (+7.5)

Plus One: Auburn (-19) at Missouri

Auburn’s problems on offense are well documented. Maybe Gus Malzahn’s magic offense really only works when a dynamic quarterback is executing the game plan. However, there is hope for Auburn: Auburn’s defense can play ball. Missouri is not a good football team this year. Auburn covers the points.

Winner: Auburn (-19)

Dad’s prediction: Auburn (-19)

Computer’s prediction: Auburn (-19)

Enjoy the games, everyone!


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