2017 Week 5 College Football “Six Pack” Predictions


Nothing like waiting until the last minute to post this week’s “Six Pack” predictions, but sometimes real life gets in the way. Hopefully, the human prognosticators rebound this week – yep, you guessed it, the computer came out on top last week with a 4-3 record. (Do we really need the details ? ) Nah, but I will mention that I share my Dad’s sentiment regarding the possibility of picking another game involving Vanderbilt: “I am tired of Vanderbilt.” Dad’s quote when I mentioned the Vandy – Florida line. Nice job, Vandy, getting Alabama all worked up like that –

Anyway, time to get to it.

Clemson (-7) at Virginia Tech

One of the best games this week. Virginia Tech will play well but lose in the 4th quarter.

Winner: Clemson

Dad’s prediction: Clemson

Computer prediction: Clemson

South Carolina at Texas A&M (-10)

Nope, not today. I am not going to pick South Carolina on the road (again). However, full disclosure here: I am not super confident in A&M, either, but someone needs to win this one.

Winner: Texas A&M

Dad’s prediction: Texas A&M

Computer prediction: South Carolina

Troy at LSU (-19)

This is the kind of game where LSU reminds Troy that they have a few more 5-star athletes.

Winner: LSU

Dad’s prediction: LSU

Computer prediction: Troy

USC (-3.5) at Washington State

The game I don’t want to miss: good quarterback play and Mike Leach coaching… Even though Sam Darnold is prone to throw some picks, he makes things happen (e.g. the Texas game…big-time throws). Edge: Sam Darnold.

Winner: USC

Dad’s prediction: Washington State

Computer prediction: USC

Mississippi State at Auburn (-9.5)

State was embarrassed last week. Auburn torched Missouri. State should play better against Auburn, but Auburn’s defense is the real deal. Auburn will lean on their defense and score enough on offense to get the job done. Oh, and Auburn is playing at home where they are 14 points better. Oops, they aren’t playing Alabama. Adjust that number down to 7, then.

Winner: Auburn

Dad’s prediction: Auburn

Computer prediction: Mississippi State

Iowa at Michigan State (-3)

Two home losses for Michigan State already? Nope.

Winner: Michigan State

Dad’s prediction: Michigan State

Computer prediction: Michigan State

Plus One

Georgia (-7.5) at Tennessee

Despite the fact that I am violating my “Stay away from Tennessee games at all costs” rule, I’ll make this game the “Plus One”. I think Georgia has the juice this year, and there’s no way I am predicting a Vols win here.

Winner: Georgia

Dad’s prediction: Georgia

Computer prediction: Georgia

Enjoy the games!

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