2017 Week 6 College Football “Six Pack” Predictions


Do you believe that momentum exists in sports? Can teams capture and harness this force? What about momentum for prognosticators – is it possible to build upon good results from last week? If so, then this week should turn out well.

After turning in a less than stellar performance two weeks ago, my Dad rebounded last week with a 5-2 mark which equaled the computer’s performance. Look out, a human was actually able to match the output of a machine that only knows how to communicate with 0’s and 1’s.

As for me, I finally broke out of my slump, posted a 4-3 record, and feel poised to take advantage of the “momentum” from last week’s picks, even though I haven’t matched wits with the computer’s random number generator (yet).

Let’s get to it.

LSU at Florida (-3.5)

Going with the Gators here, but I don’t feel good about it.

Winner: Florida

Dad’s prediction: Florida

Computer prediction: Florida

Mississippi at Auburn (-21.5)

I love the Auburn defense. The offense, uhm, well, looks much better with a (healthierish) Kerryon Johnson in the lineup. They’ll do enough scoring to cover.

Winner: Auburn

Dad’s prediction: Auburn

Computer prediction: Ole Miss

Michigan State at Michigan (-13.5)

I like the Spartans, but I’m riding with Michigan this week.

Winner: Michigan

Dad’s prediction: Michigan State

Computer prediction: Michigan State

Kansas State at Texas (-4.5)

I still haven’t gotten over Kansas State’s loss to Vanderbilt earlier this year. Texas should handle Kstate at home, right?

Winner: Texas

Dad’s prediction: Texas

Computer predictions: Texas

Arkansas (-2.5) at South Carolina

How did this game get on the “Six Pack” list? The fan bases of these teams deserve better. To this day, I am not sure what South Carolina saw in Muschamp that said, “We need to hire this guy as a head coach.” Arkansas isn’t faring much better with Bielema calling the shots. Another coin flip game.

Winner: South Carolina

Dad’s prediction: South Carolina

Computer prediction: Arkansas

Georgia (-17.5) at Vanderbilt

Poor Vandy – Georgia wins big this week.

Winner: Georgia

Dad’s prediction: Georgia

Computer prediction: Vanderbilt

Plus One

Louisville (-4) at North Carolina State

Lamar Jackson…yep, Louisville.

Winner: Louisville

Dad’s prediction: Louisville

Computer prediction: Louisville



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