2017 Week 11 College Football “Six Pack” Predictions


Due to unforeseen circumstances, week 10’s “Six Pack” game predictions did not make it to press time last week. That was unfortunate, but we are back this week. Are we back and better than before? Let’s find out – bring on week 11. No room for making mistakes now as the college football playoff is just around the corner. It’s winning time.

However, before tackling this week’s “Six Pack” of games, there is one housekeeping item that requires attention. Dad submitted his predictions before last week’s deadline, so he alone has a recap tally. He was able to gain some ground on the machine by going 4-2. Good job by him.

Now that housekeeping is finished, on to the task at hand.

Florida at South Carolina (-7.5)

This year the Florida Gators suffered multiple player suspensions, injuries, and then the ultimate white flag signal: a head coach firing before the end of the season. While South Carolina is not a good football team, either, the Gamecocks are better than Florida this year. Yes, they are even 7.5 points better. Enjoy this feeling South Carolina fans.

Winner: South Carolina (-7.5)

Dad’s prediction: South Carolina

Computer prediction: South Carolina

Virginia Tech (-2.5) at Georgia Tech

Ah, the battle of the “Tech” schools. Georgia Tech’s triple option attack is a pain to deal with, but VA Tech can handle the challenge.

Winner: Virginia Tech (-2.5)

Dad’s prediction: Virginia Tech

Computer prediction: Virginia Tech

TCU at Oklahoma (-7)

Oklahoma is doing what they do – closing out the regular season with “better late than never” surge of great football play, followed by multiple sports pundits gushing about the greatness that is Baker Mayfield, resulting in “How can this team not get included in the college football playoffs?”conversation. Unfortunately for TCU, the hype machine will continue this week.

Winner: Oklahoma

Dad’s prediction: Oklahoma

Computer prediction: Oklahoma

Notre Dame (-3.5) at Miami

Speaking of hype machines… Miami is probably wondering why they are not favored against Notre Dame. After all, not only is Miami playing at home, but they have the undefeated record. Yet, Notre Dame’s loss to Georgia and battering of an overrated USC team look more impressive to the committee than Miami’s undefeated record. Sometimes, the hype is based on truth, though.

Winner: Notre Dame (-3.5)

Dad’s prediction: Notre Dame

Computer prediction: Notre Dame

Georgia (-2.5) at Auburn

Things are set up nicely for Auburn. They play both Georgia and Alabama at home, where magical things happen, and should Auburn win those two games, plus the SEC rematch with Georgia, well, the committee then has a really difficult decision to make. No one should discount Georgia, though. They have a dynamite running game along with a good defense. Assuming both teams can stop their opponent’s running game, which quarterback will make more plays? Auburn’s home field advantage is the real difference.

Winner: Auburn (+2.5)

Dad’s prediction: Auburn

Computer prediction: Auburn

Washington (-6.5) at Stanford

Washington all the way. Not only are they better, but they’ll score on special teams, too.

Winner: Washington (-6.5)

Dad’s prediction: Washington

Computer prediction: Washington

That’s this week’s “Six Pack” of games – enjoy the games, everyone!

Side note: Yes, the computer actually picked the same winners.

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